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Digital Infrared

Update 1: The Nikon Coolpix 5400 was replaced in 2008 with a Canon EOS 20D converted in the UK by Advanced Camera Services which has proved to be much more versatile in that all my Canon lenses can be used with the added bonus of an increase in image quality.

Update 2: In September 2013 I downsized my Canon DSLR kit to the Panasonic Lumix Micro Four Thirds system  and now use a G3 converted to Infrared by Advanced Camera Services


First trial shots from a Nikon Coolpix 5400 modified by Life Pixel in the States. The modification involves removing the hot filter over the sensor and replacing it with an infrared filter; the result is a camera which will only take infrared images. EXIF information is given beneath each image all of which were taken at Shugborough, Staffordshire.

All images were shot on Aperture Priority with Matrix metering and Manual Auto focus Area selection. Tif files were shot in Black & White Mode and  Nef files shot using a Custom White Balance to minimise the magenta cast, the remnants of which were removed by desaturation in the Camera Raw Plugin in Photoshop CS 2. All the images shown below have been sharpened using FixerLabs Focus Fixer and had a basic Levels layer applied (sliders dragged in to each end of the histogram if possible). The RAW .nef files were corrected using the auto settings in the Camera Raw Plugin for speed.

Recent Addition:   Lochan na h'Achlaise -  created in Photoshop from a .nef file

ISO 50, 1/125 s at f 7.2 - .tif file

ISO 50, 1/125 s at f 7.8 - .nef file

ISO 50, 1/125 s at f 7.2 - .nef file

ISO 50, 1/200 s at f 7.9 - .nef file

ISO 100, 1/20s at f 6.5 - .nef file.

Lochan na h'Achlaise