Eyecon is a group of photographers with diverse styles and interests, each committed to the realization of their own creative and artistic potential through the medium of photography. The group was formed in 1996 by the late Dr Adi Sethna FRPS AFIAP to fill a vacuum in photography at Club level, namely the general lack of any forum for the sharing of creative ideas and techniques and the critical discussion of new work. The skills of the individual members encompass fine art monochrome and colour printing and are used to produce a wide range of images including landscapes, still life, portrait, figure studies and natural history together with some of the ‘leading edge’ images produced by digital techniques. The strength of the group lies in its diversity and all Eyecon members are regular and successful exhibitors in National and International exhibitions in the UK and around the World.


Individually they are: -

Martin Addison, Peter Clark (Eyecon  Chairman & Secretary), Derek Dorsett, David Eaves, Irene Froy, Clive Haynes,

Dinah Jayes, Peter Rees, Colin Southgate, Anne Sutcliffe and Tony Thomas .




A selection of images from Eyecon members are reproduced in a book entitled 'Eyecon 2009', edited by Martin Addison and available through Blurb


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