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A series of images captured on 2 visits to Iceland in 2015. The first, in February, was cut short when I slipped on ice at Kirkjulsfoss and broke my hip and the second, in July, was dogged by really poor weather and an uninspiring location.

The majority of the images on this page were captured on a Wild Photography Holidays Workshop

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Aurora 1

Dancing Lights

Icelandic Aurora 2

Auroral Display

Aurora 2

Black Church Aurora Aurora at Budir Icelandic Aurora 1
Sea Stacks Church at Budir

Icelandic Church

Kirkjufellsfoss in Winter
Wild Lupins Sunrise Crater Lake

Icelandic Sunset

Calm Reflection
Auroral Light Auroral Light Show Icelandic Aurora 2 Auroral Display
Aurora 2 Icelandic Winter Black Church at Budir Evanescent Light
Sea Stacks Snaefellsnes Calm before the Storm Ephemeral Light Winter at Kirkjufellsfoss
  Aurora over Black Church Celestial Light  

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