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Monochrome Printing on the R2400/R2880


Note - the Print dialogue box has been re-designed for the R3000 - see this Tutorial


In Photoshop go to File > Print the Print dialogue box opens .

Print 1.JPG

Select the R2400 from the Printer dropdown list and then click on Page Setup .

Print 2.JPG

Select Best Photo and then click on Advanced .

Print 3.JPG

Select the Options as shown in the dialogue box ..

Premium Glossy Photo Paper will suit most gloss/semigloss papers.

Best Photo (2880 dpi) or Photo RPM (5760 dpi) must be selected to use the Advanced Black & White Photo applet Best Photo is more than adequate.

Select the paper size for outputting the print.

Uncheck High Speed, Greyscale, Edge Smoothing this is for low resolution images.

Check Print Preview.

Check Advanced B&W Photo.

If you wish to save the settings click on Save Setting .

Print 3a.JPG

Enter a name for the settings, e.g. A3 Landscape B&W Neutral and click Save. If you want to recall those settings for another print select from the drop down list in the Properties dialogue box to the left of Save Settings.

If you want to tone the image or make fine adjustments to the printer output click on Settings to open the Colour Management dialogue box. It is often advantageous to fine tune the Brightness & Contrast of the printer output using the sliders or by entering a value directly into the box. Use the colour toning dropdowns to apply toning to the image or click on the red dot in the centre of the colour wheel to achieve the desired effect. Changes are reflected in the thumbnail above, but a test print is the only way to see the end result. The colour wheel is also ideal for controlling colour casts in the straight monochrome output they do occur!

Print 4b.JPG                       Print 4.JPG

When all the settings have been made click on OK in each dialogue box to return to the Print dialogue box ..

Print 5.JPG

The final step prior to printing is to size and position the image on the paper. Invariably this is done in Photoshop Image > Image Size, but can be done equally well in the Print dialogue box using one of the following methods .

1.    Click on Scale to Fit Media this option will scale the image to fit the paper as closely as possible with a minimal border. This is not generally acceptable and a border can be generated by first clicking on Scale to Fit Media again to remove the check mark and then reducing the Scale to a percentage value that suits (highlight the % value and overtype).

2.    Check Bounding Box and use the handles at each corner to resize the image to suit.

When the size of the image is set the position on the paper can be set in the Position Image dialogue ..

Centre Image is self explanatory, but if you want the image offset ensure Centre Image is unchecked and enter the required values in the Top and Left boxes.

This completes the Print Setup click on Print ..

Print 6.JPG

Select the Printer if you have more than one printer the dialogue box will default to the default printer. In the snip above an Epson R2400 and an HP Officejet printer are installed be sure to select the right printer!

Click on Print again ..

The Print Preview window opens check that the image is sized and positioned as required and click on Print.

Print 7.JPG


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